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The Source Of Chinese Sauna
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The introduction of the sauna into China is divided into two branches.

The dry sauna was introduced into China by Finland and is thus called a Finnish bath, while the wet sauna was introduced to China by Turkey and is also known as the Turkish bath. However, some people think that the sauna "originator" is actually in China.

Legend has it that early in the Warring States Period, Zhaowang has ordered thousands of hot iron block into the water, producing a lot of steam, he will rate the wives jumped into the steam pool to play, thus becoming the pioneer of the sauna.

Whether it is "Western learning East" or "local manufacturing", sauna in the fusion of Chinese unique concept of health, gradually formed a Chinese characteristics of the bathing culture, such as the human meridian points of the Chinese Traditional medicine sauna.

Chinese sauna Jiajue. Nowadays, the leisure service industry with sauna as the main body is developing rapidly in China, especially in Beijing, Shanghai and coastal developed cities, the sauna has gradually become a good way for urban people to relieve their work pressure.

Beauty, skin care, detoxification of good efficacy, but also make the sauna become urban women's favorite.

Not only that, the sauna industry has gradually become a new tertiary sector, "Made in China" bathing equipment is now in the United States, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other regions of international hotels everywhere, domestic various types of sauna bath consumption has become a force to stimulate domestic demand.

Classic Sauna. Classical sauna in ancient Rome after the emergence of northern Europe due to the cold weather, people do not sweat all year round, so in order to try to sweat on the sauna to accept the method of sweating, and on this basis so that the sauna bath equipment and bathing methods continue to improve, especially with the development of science and technology, Nordic people use advanced technology in sauna equipment, so that the sauna to achieve modern standards.

Sauna from the bathroom environment and sweating way can be divided into dry and wet two kinds.

Turkish bath. The sauna was introduced to China, first from northern Europe. The dry sauna was introduced from Finland to China and is thus called a Finnish bath, and the wet sauna was introduced from Turkey to China and is also known as the Turkish bath. There is also a claim that the Finnish sauna roots are in China. The news was released August 1, 1996 by the China Daily. According to the signed article, as early as the spring and Autumn period in China, the king of Zhao had ordered thousands of red iron blocks into the pool, producing a lot of steam, and then he led the wives in the steam pool to play. The text also said that Kublai Khan had not emperor before, in an expedition, due to overwork fainted in the battlefield.

His men burned a big stone and splashed it on a stone, then carried the hot stone to the side of Kublai Khan, which was said to promote blood circulation, and later, he slept soundly, and chariot on the horse the next day.

Finnish bath. Finnish bath is the basic life of the Finnish people, almost every family and unit have a Finnish bathroom, weekend family reunion, usually friends together, often one of the best way is to wash the Finnish bath. The temperature control in the steam bath is about 80 ℃ advisable, also can in the big hot, again big cold, hot and cold alternating, immediately rushed to tense fatigue disappeared, feel comfortable, relaxed and carefree. In Finland, sauna is not an extravagant luxury, nor is it a symbol of property or status. First, a family home without a sauna is very rare, whether it is in a private house with a detached, or in a rented apartment, no sauna equipment is not inhabited.

Even if you do not have a separate sauna for your own, you must have a communal sauna, or a simple, small sauna, without a complete set of sauna facilities. There is a small hotel in the terminal of Helsinki Airport in Finland, which is popular with transit passengers, and many people just want to take advantage of a little time at the terminal to enjoy the sauna. After the Finnish bath, friends and family immediately drank ice beer, eating grilled sausages, chatting, joy. During the journey, we enjoy the endless pleasures of life in the exchange of ideas and leisure time.

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