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The Origins Of The Sauna
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The origins of the sauna are different, but the consensus is that it originated in ancient Rome.

Ancient Romans for the purpose of physical fitness, with charcoal and volcanic stone to take heat fitness, this is the embryonic form of modern sauna. "Sauna" is the Finnish language, the original meaning is "a cabin without Windows", such a name is afraid of the origin of the sauna. The original cabin, not only had no windows, not even chimneys, smoke to the house smoked Macassar, so, then the sauna is called "Smoke sauna." Later, a number of innovative people installed the chimney, the sauna will also have a face. However, some parts of Finland still retain the "smoke sauna", but enjoy once, but a lot of money, and very time, because the "smoke sauna" smoked for seven or eight hours to achieve real results.

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