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The Health Function Of Sauna
- Oct 18, 2018 -

In the high temperature environment can make the skin deep inside the heat effect, the whole body capillaries to expand, the body sweating much more than usual activities, this carefree large amount of sweating is conducive to draining off the body of all kinds of rubbish, but also conducive to the elimination of disease.

At the same time, because the body repeated hot and cold dry steaming flushing, blood vessels are constantly shrinking and expanding, the exercise physiology is called: Vascular gymnastics, it can enhance the vascular elasticity, prevention of vascular hardening effect. Sauna is in the static state of high temperature environment, through the body mass perspiration consumption of subcutaneous fat, so that you in the comfort of easy to lose weight. According to the test, the sauna 10 minutes is equivalent to running 10 kilometers, so it has the effect of bodybuilding slimming. In addition, when the body of a large number of perspiration to eliminate the subcutaneous dirt, can improve the permeability of epidermal cells, activation of cells, it also has beauty and skin care, delaying the effect of aging.

In the sauna process, the body constantly absorbing the unique rocks emitted from the furnace of healthy trace elements, has the effect of prevention of disease. The sauna is a special bathing method, which has both the role of cleaning the skin and treating the disease. It can relieve pain and relax joints by alternating hot and cold alternately several times. For the skin, because of the steam bath process in the skin blood vessels obviously expanded, a lot of sweating, blood circulation has been improved, sweat excretion helps the elimination of waste in the body, so that the skin of various tissues to obtain more nutrition, for many skin diseases such as fish scale disease, psoriasis, skin itching, etc. have different degrees of therapeutic effect.

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