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The Harm Of Washing The Sauna
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Sauna is a fashion and health care of the leisure way, a permeable after the whole body to relax fatigue, so a lot of people working tense quite good this way. However, medical experts warn that frequent access to the sauna may be the culprit for male infertility. In Finland, the birthplace of the sauna, the incidence of male infertility is quite high, which is not unrelated to the locals ' love to wash the sauna. Testicular temperature is generally lower than the body temperature of 3-4 ℃, so as to produce normal sperm, sperm requirements for temperature is stricter, must be under the condition of temperature to normal development, and sauna bath temperature is much higher than body temperature, not conducive to sperm growth, or cause the sperm vigor drop too much lead to infertility. Clinical statistics, a significant proportion of male infertility is due to testicular temperature higher than normal temperature. Reminder: For unmarried infertile men, in addition to the sauna should not be more than washing, and other factors that can make the testicular temperature rise to avoid as far as possible, such as long time cycling, hot bath, sedentary, wear tight jeans and so on.

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