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The Difference Between Dry Steam Sauna And Wet Evaporate Sauna
- Nov 13, 2018 -

Dry steam

It is said that dry steam is the authentic sauna. Dry steaming is the use of similar hotpot of electric furnace equipment straight electric energy turn into heat energy, heat does not contain moisture, so called dry steam.

The electric furnace will usually put some ore, by heat releases a variety of beneficial elements.The temperature of dry steaming is higher than that of wet steaming, which can be reached around 100℃. 

Dry steaming does not contain water, especially suitable for patients with rheumatism, at the same time there is no smell of steam Tao, steam up the nose will be more comfortable.However, the skin will be dry after steaming.

Wet evaporate

It is to boil water to produce steam, and then through the pipe, the steam produced has abundant water.

Temperature control at about 50 ℃.Women tend to prefer wet steaming, because after steaming, the skin will be ruddy than before.

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