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Suitable Frequency Per Week And Temperature Of Sauna Room
- Jan 25, 2019 -

The average age (SD) and BMI of the participants were 53 (5) and 26.9 (3.5) years, respectively. The average (SD) frequency, duration and temperature of sauna room use were 2.1 (1.1) times per week (range, 1-7 times per week), 14.2 (7.5) minutes (range, 2-90 minutes) and 78.9 degree C (9.6 degrees Celsius) (range, 40-100 degrees Celsius).

The average temperature of the sauna room was slightly lower than that of the men who took more than four sauna baths per week, and the time of sauna bathing was only one time per week (80 degrees C) (P < 0.001), while the average duration of sauna bathing was not significant (P = 38). The main characteristics of the study population were given in the supplementary explanation according to the frequency of people using the sauna room.

The mean follow-up mortality or end time was 18.8 years (median 20.7 years; quartile range was 18.1-22.6 years). During the follow-up period, 190 cases of SCD occurred, and the number of CHD, CVD and all-cause deaths were 281 407 and 929, respectively. According to the frequency of using wet steaming room, there were 1 case, 2-3 cases, 4?7 times in each group. SCD was 61 cases (10.1%), 119 cases (7.8%) and 10 cases (5.0% weeks) respectively. The corresponding figures were 89 cases (14.9%), 175 cases (11.5%) and 17 cases (8.5%). 134 cases (22.3%), 249 cases (16.4%) and 24 cases (12.0%) were fatal CVD; 295 cases (49.1%), 572 cases (37.8%) and 62 cases (30.8%).

The cumulative risk curve showed that the risk of SCD was greater among participants who used saunas more frequently and more slowly. After adjusting the risk factors of CVD, the risk ratio of SCD was 0.78 (95% CI, 0.57-1.07), the number of sauna baths 2-3 times a week was 0.37 (95% CI, 0.18-0.75), and the number of sauna baths reported with men once a week for 4-7 times a week (P = trend = 0.005; table 2). Similarly, an inverse correlation was found between the duration of sauna bathing session and SCD risk. The top-notch correlation was 19 minutes per sauna and 11 minutes for normal people.

The risk of CHD and CVD deaths among participants who used sauna rooms more frequently per week was lower than that of participants who used sauna rooms more frequently. The risk of fatal CHD events decreased by 23% and 48% of the four participants decreased to the frequency of sauna room use 7 times per week (P is trend= 005). The communicators of CVD mortality were estimated to be 27% and 50% (P was trend < 0.001). Similarly, significant inverse correlations were found between sauna bath duration (trend = 0.007) and CVD (P trend = 0.03) mortality. Sauna bathing frequency, but not duration, is inversely proportional to all-cause mortality, 4 to 7 sections reduced by 40% once a week sauna bathing.


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