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Specific Questions About The Sauna
- Oct 18, 2018 -

1. What happens when you can't enjoy the sauna?

Do not have a sauna bath after overeating or a serious cough, and be especially careful with severe heart disease and hypertension.

2. How long does it stay in the sauna room for?

The average bath person 5-10 minutes can come out to wash a warm shower, if need can rotate several times, until incisively and vividly.

3. Do you need to rest and relax after you finish the sauna? Yes.

First, shower with cold water to shrink pores and blood vessels (of course, if you like a warm shower is also good), and then relax and rest for 5 minutes, so that the body back to normal temperature, you will feel all over the Thai, completely eliminate fatigue.

4. How often does a sauna fit?

Depending on your needs, if you feel it is necessary to do it daily, in general, many families or couples spend 1-2 nights a week regularly to enjoy it.

5. What does the Finnish people mean by "steam shock"?

In the sauna furnace in the high-temperature stone, splashed on a small spoon of water, in the sudden generation of a large number of steam, can make the cabin heat instantaneous increase several times, so that the human body to withstand a special environment, this is called the "steam Shock".

6. What is the appropriate bath temperature?

Individual, there is no standard scale, but usually dry steaming 80-85 degrees Celsius, there is a higher, for Asians, warm steaming will be mild and comfortable, usually temperature is 45-60 degrees Celsius.

7. Why is the body not harmed at such high temperatures?

Although the air temperature is high, but the heat is very small, the body temperature has not increased to such a degree, just feel appropriate stimulation, for the east, the feeling of wet steaming will be more suitable.

Sauna does have many benefits, but unmarried men can not wash too much, because often in high-temperature environment will have a destructive effect on the male reproductive system, resulting in infertility.

8. The effectiveness of the sauna and the applicable population

1, improve human body survival temperature, prevent premature aging, lack of energy sub-healthy people

2, post-illness rehabilitation, postpartum rehabilitation, nervous mental workers, physical consumption workers

3, skin slimming, weight loss, breast enhancement breast, improve facial microcirculation, antibacterial beauty

4, normal people also steamed Khan, improve internal circulation, promote metabolism, keep young

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