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Scientists Know What The Healing Effects Do Far-infrared Saunas Have
- Feb 14, 2019 -

I felt warm and weak around every inch of my body, but purified. As the steam rose around every inch of my body, 15 minutes later, I began to feel something similar to peace.

Although they may not have miracle effects, the good news is that saunas are harmless. Although we know that volcanic eruptions are harmful to the environment, because the emissions of gas and dust during these unpredictable natural disasters can affect crops and drinking water, the ash content in your mud bath is different. "It may still be called ash because it's organic material, but it's not the same thing [after a harmful human outbreak]. In addition, "By wetting the ash, you eliminate any potential exposure.

When the soil began to penetrate into my sinking area, I remember the director of hydrotherapy telling me before I jumped in: "The mud bath pulls out impurities because of its ash, therapeutic properties and detoxification. The combination of volcanic ash and natural fountain water in the steaming room can improve circulation, restore muscle soreness, and even treat skin reactions, such as eczema. It was this mixture of mud, heavy and overwhelming, which had slightly limited my breathing capacity, and the peaceful silence around me that immediately made me a state of meditation. I feel constrained, but complete; the warm mud winding around every inch of my body is a weak purification. Once I wash away the mud from my naked body (the next step in the process), my skin feels electrified, just as it changes in an instant.

If I don't feel the obvious difference, my skin rebounds, and even a few days later, even if the resort offering a pozzolanic mud bath is dangerously close to an active volcano, like the one that erupted in Costa Rica seven years ago at the Tacomat Spa Resort, the dust collected for hydrotherapy is safe.

According to David Denby, a volcanologist at the International Volcano Health Sauna, my skin may not change instantaneously - not for a long time. There is no scientific evidence that ash itself can treat skin rashes, pain or pain. "The benefits of any experience may be due to the chemistry and temperature of the water, not the ash itself.

This part of relaxation in a stress-free environment for 15 minutes will be a miracle for anyone, combined with geothermal water (the soft water of the earth, which is naturally rich in nutrition), your skin can not but relax. In addition, when ash is combined with water, it can act as a natural exfoliator, much like an over-the-counter clay mask.

It can't be denied that after an hour of treatment in Indian Springs, I was relaxing and refreshing the definition that my body must feel better. I can understand where the belief in this ancient ritual came from. There is no denying that bathtubs in this area "I cautiously say" heal, because medical evidence is neutral, he said, but the benefits of relaxation are widely accepted, and mud bathing is a long tradition. There is some evidence that bathtubs can help manage pain, but they don't heal.

Then I found a mud bath treatment study at the Italian Far Infrared Sauna Spa. Scientists wanted to understand the "healing" effects of aging mud baths and designed a test around a group of patients with osteoarthritis. After a year of observation, half of the patients enjoyed a small amount of mud bath treatment. Scientists were shocked, and it turned out that mud bath therapy actually worked. Lucky team swimming in Italy's famous sauna bath: treatment "significantly improved the clinical condition of patients with knee arthritis, significantly reduced the frequency and severity of symptoms". Then the Indians might have had something.

It doesn't matter whether my body has experienced anything because of my bathing body or not; I really feel uplifted. This distinction may have something to do with the Earth's attributes of purifying our bodies from the ground, and more to do with decoupling from the interior. I can see that after the mud sauna, the therapy music was lightly enhanced and I was drinking their cucumber water. It doesn't matter whether my body has experienced anything because of my bathing body or not. I'm really excited.

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