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Sauna Principle
- Dec 06, 2018 -

There are many opinions about the origin of sauna, but it is more consistent that the sauna room originated in ancient Rome, because ancient Romans wanted to be healthy, they used charcoal and volcanic stones to get heat, which is the most primitive form of sauna today.

Sauna is Finnish, which means a cabin without windows. It is probably related to the origin of sauna. The original cabin had no windows or even chimneys. The smoke made the house dark. So the sauna was called a smoke sauna at that time.

Later, some innovative people installed chimneys, sauna has a new face. However, some parts of Finland still keep cigarette saunas, but enjoy once, but it costs a lot of money and time, because it takes seven or eight hours to smoke saunas to achieve real results.

Sauna room, in short, is a small house built of wood. It is precisely because of the emergence of sauna room, which solves the problem that we can not exercise in metropolitan life. It also provides us with better exercise opportunities and improves our resistance.

The working principle of the sauna room is to use the volcanic stones on the electric furnace in the sauna room to raise the temperature of the volcanic stones and generate heat. Sauna room humidity is not enough to add water, generate steam, to regulate the role of dry humidity in the sauna room.

Based on the principle of thermotherapy, steam engine is used to transport steam into the barrel. People sit in it and use steam to fumigate the skin, increase the temperature of the body surface and accelerate the activity of skin cells, so that the capillaries on the skin surface can be relaxed and the impurities accumulated in the skin folds can be excreted through sweat. It can dredge channels and collaterals, increase blood circulation, detoxify and nourish the face.

Health mechanism of sauna bath

The most traditional ear sauna is to roast specially made rocks on a hot stove in a specially made hungry wooden house, so that the temperature can reach more than 70 degrees Celsius. A small amount of water is poured on the rocks to produce impact steam, which is called dry steam bath.

Sauna bath can accelerate blood circulation, make all parts of the body muscles completely relaxed, achieve the purpose of eliminating fatigue, restoring physical strength and rejuvenating the spirit.

It has certain curative effects on rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenia, etc. In addition, the inherent health benefits of traditional sauna are also a kind of advanced enjoyment and leisure for those who are tired of work.

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