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Safety Of Far Infrared Energy
- Nov 26, 2018 -

According to the research statistics of Dr. Tsu-tsair Oliver Chi, by adjusting the far infrared ray device, it can emit the far infrared ray suitable for the body frequency band and apply it to the human body. These light rays are selectively absorbed by the human body tissues according to the needs and improve the vitality of the body tissues.Far infrared ray is inside body tissue, can have extensive medical treatment effect, make remedial effect achieves highest level thereby, accelerate rehabilitation process and won't produce any harm, this kind of phenomenon is called "resonance absorption".

The far-infrared light produced by the far-infrared heating system, like the energy released by the sun, is the same as the heat generated by the "fuel" our bodies burn to keep us warm.Our body radiates infrared ray with the wavelength of 3-50 microns through the skin at any time, among which the wavelength is mainly 6-14 microns.Qigong therapy, which has a history of 3,000 years in China, is developed on the basis of the medical characteristics of far infrared ray in nature.Yoga is an Indian discipline that applies the same principle and is recommended for the treatment of eye strain.Far infrared physiotherapy equipment has been widely used in hospitals for neonatal heating and physiotherapy equipment because of its heating performance and thermal effect.

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