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Precautions For Bathing In The Sauna
- Oct 18, 2018 -

A series of systemic physiological changes can be caused by washing the sauna. High temperature and humid environment makes the heart rate increase, blood pressure to a certain extent, and cold water immersion will slow down the heart rate, blood pressure drops. Therefore, the indoor temperature, humidity and bath time, including hot and cold exchange times must be strictly mastered. In the first bath, the high-temperature steam room can only stay for 5 minutes, and then gradually extend the stay time in the high-humidity steam room.

Since the sauna has a certain impact on the human body, it is not advisable to wash the sauna under the following circumstances: 1. Patients with previous history of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Because the sauna caused a large range of blood pressure fluctuations, increased heart load, easy to cause hypertension, heart attack, accidents and even life-threatening. 2. After meals, especially within half an hour after the feast.

Immediately after the meal to wash the sauna, skin blood vessel expansion, blood mass reflux to the skin, affecting the blood supply of digestive organs, will inevitably affect the digestion and absorption of food, adverse health. 3. When overworked or hungry.

Fatigue and hunger, the human body muscle tension is poor, cold and heat stimulation of the tolerance are reduced, easy to cause collapse. 4. Women who are menstruating should avoid bathing in the sauna.

Menstrual women's body resistance decreased, sauna bath, cold and hot and many times alternating, easy to cause colds and bacterial infection and endanger women's physical health Of course, is not to say absolutely cannot wash sauna, occasionally for it also may. If you have a baby, you can enjoy it with confidence. Sauna on the human body still has a certain health care role: it can speed up blood circulation, so that all parts of the body muscles are completely relaxed, to eliminate the fatigue of the spirit of rejuvenation. At the same time, because the body repeated hot and cold dry steaming rinse, the blood vessels are constantly shrinking and expanding, can enhance the vascular elasticity, prevention of vascular hardening effect. At the same time, it has certain health effects on arthritis, backache, bronchitis and neurasthenia.

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