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Metal Objects Or Contact Lenses Are Forbidden To Enter The Sauna Room
- Jan 14, 2019 -

The steam sauna room may take 30 minutes to heat up at the beginning. Some users prefer to take a warm shower in advance to speed up the sweat of the sauna. When sauna, if the face feels too hot and the body feels comfortable, often sit on the towel for sanitation, and then put the towel on the head. In Russia, a sensory "banya hat" can be worn to prevent head heat, which allows the wearer to increase the heat of the rest of the body.

Most of the sauna room temperature adjustment comes from the increase of water on the heater, which increases humidity and makes the sauna room guests sweat more abundantly. The time spent in the sauna room is positioned when the sauna is heated by direct radiation. With the increase of heat, the heating below will cool down from the air. If the sauna room is not crowded, it is considered better to lie on a bench because it gives the body a more uniform temperature. The heating caused by fresh steam may vary greatly in different parts of the sauna room. As the steam rises directly, it will disperse on the roof, go to the corner, and then be forced to go down. Therefore, the heat of fresh steam can sometimes feel the strongest in the most corner of the sauna room, users gradually increase over time, as time goes by to adapt to the sauna.

When water is poured into the heater, it cools the heater, but advection transfers heat to the air to make the sauna hotter. Sweat is a sign of an attempt to cool the body's spontaneous response. If the heat becomes intolerable, or if you feel dim or sick, you are advised to leave the sauna. Some saunas have thermostats to regulate the temperature, but management and other users want to check them before making changes. Sauna heaters and rocks are very hot and must be kept clean in order to avoid injury, especially when water falls on sauna rocks, steam is generated immediately, and flammable objects on or near heaters are known to cause fires. Contact lenses are dried in heat, and jewelry or any metal object (including glasses) can heat up in the sauna room and cause discomfort or burning.

Temperatures in different parts of the body can be shielded by towels and steam radiators. It has been found that covering the face with a towel to reduce the feeling of heat is best to put a towel or special hat on the hair to avoid drying. Several people can sit directly in front of the heater without feeling too hot from the radiation heat, but their body temperature may be insufficient in general. Since the human body is usually the coolest object in the sauna, steam condenses in water on the skin, which may be confused with sweat.

In an infrared drying sauna room, the heater produces infrared rays, which heat the skin and other exposed surfaces, rather than air. For safety reasons, these types of heaters do not store water. Cooling is part of the sauna cycle, as important as heating. In the user, before entering the cold water, please exit the sauna and take good measures immediately, and gradually enter the diving pool, rather than immediately fully soak. In summer, a conference usually begins with a cold shower and has shown that therapeutic saunas help adapt, reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular disease.

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