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Loyal Fans Of Saunas For Middle-aged And Old People
- Jan 18, 2019 -

Household sauna sweat steaming as a new way of health preservation is popular, but it is the first time that household sauna room has come into being in Shaoxing. Ordinary household sauna room covers an area of 1.2 square meters - 1.5 square meters, the market price is stable between 2000 yuan - 30 000 yuan, can accommodate 1 to 2 people. Canadian imported iron shirt wood, nano carbon ink heating board and intelligent control panel are the main components of household sauna room. Of course, in this era of rapid technological changes in products, in addition to the most basic intelligent control of temperature and time, home sauna room can also enjoy music, watch DVD, listen to radio, can be said to have achieved the ultimate health.

According to Mr. Huang Jie, the person in charge of Sang Lejin, there are a lot of consumers who come to do product consultation at present. Among them, middle-aged and old people are the mainstream of consumption. "In the middle and old age, the human body function will deteriorate, immunity and resistance will decline, sauna health has become the choice of many middle and old consumers." Huang Jiexing said so.

It is reported that the microcirculation disorder of middle-aged and old people is the root cause of disease. Sauna sweat evaporates acid substances that lead to fatigue and aging, promotes acid-base balance, improves microcirculation, and thus improves human immunity. In addition, far-infrared phototherapy and high potential activated cells unique to household sauna room can enhance the metabolic capacity of human organs and tissues and restore human beings. Body function.

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