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Installation Method Of Steam Sauna Room
- Jan 18, 2019 -

The steam house assembled with wet-steamed acrylic board is generally a product of integral forming structure (so it is generally required that the builder communicate with the factory in advance to set the space size). Its construction and installation methods are as follows:

Measure the specific size of the installation location and check whether the size of sauna room is suitable for installation; 

Check whether the location of floor drain is suitable; if not, the floor drain should be reformed to facilitate the drainage of steam room; 

Hydropower transformation construction should be carried out according to the design requirements of power supply and water supply location; 

install steam equipment after fixing the base of the house;

Connect water and power supply.

Installation of dry-steamed sauna boarding house:

According to the design requirements, the wall of sauna house is constructed.

Waterproofing works should be done well;

Preset power supply and water source according to design requirements;

The inside of the sauna room is paved with heat-treated pine boards; (5) The sauna door is installed, and toughened glass sauna door is generally used to reduce the deformation of the wood door.

Install sauna stove and accessories, and connect its power supply and water source.

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