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How To Install Sauna Room Correctly
- Dec 10, 2018 -

Installation methods and precautions of sauna room

Sauna room installation must pay attention to two aspects, on the one hand, sauna room insulation, on the other hand, sauna room overwind.

Insulation in sauna room

Disinfectant swimming pools with sauna walls, ceilings and doors should be properly insulated.

When calculating the power requirement of the electric heater, about 1.2 cubic metres of volume will be added to the uninsulated details per square metre.

It should be suitable for damp-proof treatment, the policy is to press damp gas into another room about the wall of the organ, damp-proof installation should be installed between the heating insulation layer and the slab.

Determine position and size

If you want to install sauna room in your home, you must first determine the installation location and size before decoration, so that the drainage of water and electricity. The smallest sauna room is generally 1000 cm, the largest without special restrictions. The sauna room is not only in the bathroom, but also in the corner of the stairs, attic, garage. It can be selected according to the need.

Identifying Brands and Materials

There are many manufacturers in the market to make home sauna room. Choosing a brand with a long time and good reputation is good for future use and maintenance. After confirming the brand, the house pattern is taken to the merchant for internal design. Then, with the materials and internal equipment fixed, you can safely go home and wait for the products to come.

Confirm installation

When the waterproof and tiles are ready, the sauna room can be installed.

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