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How To Choose Bath Towel In Sauna Room
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Sauna is one of people's favorite leisure activities in autumn and winter, because the high temperature of sauna will bring a trace of heat to our cold temperature, so that people can enjoy comfort.

And the bath towel is an important sauna supplies, how to choose when sauna, in order to make their steam sauna more comfortable and comfortable.

Bath towel is an important item on the table. We use it after steaming sauna or lodging. So how can we choose a better bath towel?

Thick and light

Thick bath towels absorb water and are warm to wrap up. But if it's too heavy, it's worrying when it's washed. It's not easy to rub and dry. So choose a thick and light bath towel.

Plain and elegant

Plain bath towels are usually processed without dyes. If there are printing and dyeing processes, also choose those who use environmentally friendly, no additives to weave and dye bath towels.

Plain bath towels can also be used to cut down, twist-free, jacquard and other processes to weave beautiful patterns, and there is no lack of elegance.

Real and fine

A good bath towel is strong but should not be rough. Look at the edge wrapping of the bath towel and whether the trademark has been hidden at the junction, you can judge that the bath towel you see is not exquisite enough.

Maintenance method of bath towel

A good bath towel is intimate, warm and broad, flexible and considerate. Choosing a good bath towel requires the housewife to have a pair of wise eyes to use and maintain the bath towel, and also requires the housewives to know something about it.


National patterns

The pattern of bath towel is as rich as the beauty of nature. It can be woven into beautiful patterns by plain weaving, Satin filing, spiral weaving, velvet cutting, twistless weaving and jacquard weaving. The pattern is clear and full, the layers are obvious, the relief feeling is strong, the wool is meticulous and soft, the touch is soft and comfortable for the top grade.

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