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Far-infrared Sauna Room Can Prevent Toxin And Disease
- Jan 25, 2019 -

More than two thousand years ago, the famous Greek physician Pamenides said, "Give me the power of fever, and I will cure any disease." Modern medicine also points out that cancer patients with fever sometimes ease. This observation prompted Dr. William Coley, a doctor at New York Memorial Hospital, to publish a paper in 1891 on how to induce fever in cancer patients, which may stimulate immune response and cause cancer remission. Cancer clinics in Germany and Mexico usually use infrared thermotherapy and far-infrared sauna rooms to apply this principle with patients. Hospitals in more than 20 countries in the United States are now working on it. Provide some form of hyperthermia treatment for cancer.

Far infrared sauna provides a whole body hyperthermia, which can improve health in many ways. Dr. Wilson pointed out that far-infrared saunas provide a combination of therapeutic mechanisms that work together to support the fight against cancer.

Although the sauna is not as effective as hyperthermia (exposing the body to 113 degrees Fahrenheit), the far infrared sauna can heat the body several degrees and cause fever, which is a milder and slower method, but it is easier and easier to control.

Direct cancer cell death: The principle of hyperthermia is that cancer cells are more sensitive and intolerant to the effects of overheating than normal cells. Tumors have impaired the ability of blood circulation to adapt to high temperature. Simply put, cancer cells are more vulnerable to heat damage because they are weaker than normal cells. In fact, high temperatures can actually kill cancer cells, usually without damaging healthy ones.

According to the report of the National Cancer Institute, "Hyperthermia (also known as thermotherapy or thermotherapy) is a cancer treatment method for body tissues exposed to high temperature. Studies have shown that high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, usually with minimal damage to normal tissues. When hyperthermia is combined with other treatments, many studies have shown a significant reduction in tumor size.

In a clinical study published in the Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy in 2009, scientists studied the effects of far-infrared saunas on human and mouse cancer cells in vitro. Tele-infrared therapy reduced the volume of tumors by 86% in just 30 days. In another study, Japanese researchers found that far-infrared sauna systemic hyperthermia strongly inhibited the growth of breast cancer in mice without harmful side effects. Researchers believe that this treatment is a promising non-invasive treatment for breast cancer.

Improve circulation: Infrared saunas promote circulation and help bring essential nutrients, oxygen and other substances into human cells. Because cancer often grows in circulating tissues, leading to malnutrition and oxygenation, because cancer cells do not thrive in hyperoxia, improving circulation helps reverse the cancer process.

During the sauna, the pulse rate reaches more than 30%, which greatly increases the volume of blood pumped per minute by the heart, and most of the extra blood flows to the skin. The sauna powerfully shunts blood from the viscera around the body, trying to get rid of heat. They also increase pulmonary circulation and improve oxygenation. This combination may be very beneficial for cancer patients, many of whom cannot or should not exercise, especially in elderly or physically impaired patients.


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