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Traditional saunas are incredibly comfortable and relaxing
- Feb 14, 2019 -

I have an office job: sitting down aggravates the illness, so I work all the time in pain. I might just make it through a day's work, but when I got home I was miserable. All I could manage was to have dinner and fold the sofa until 9 p.m. when I dragged myself upstairs to sleep on my nails. I can't walk on weekends: I'll lie down on Sundays and Sundays and Saturdays, and the Potter will be gently around, so I can just go back to work last Monday morning.

My children are brilliant. They know that I can't do anything for other mothers on their way. They have to learn to do things for themselves, because when I am on the sofa, I suffer and count minutes until I can go to bed. “

After using the health partner UK Infrared cabin, Kate's life "When I received my health partner UK cabin, I think any improvement would be a good thing, but I'm not too optimistic. I hate the traditional sauna room just sitting there sweating all over. I never feel any benefit, so I'm not sure I'll even be like an infrared cabin.

My first reaction was that it was totally different to the traditional sauna room, which was a very relaxed and pleasant environment. For me, it evokes the same feeling when you go on vacation in hot weather, when you step off the air conditioning plane and get warm, warm air cocoons explode. It has the same effect on me, it makes me smile; it makes me feel relaxed and comfortable instantly.

Just after the first meeting, I noticed a difference. I just feel so painful. My colleagues noticed that in the first few weeks of the difference, everyone talked about how to move and be active with me. I'm just more resilient! The biggest impact was in the second week: it's stabilized now and I don't feel better, but the pain is still much less than before, I have more energy and I can do more. Instead of pain radiating through my whole body, it's now concentrated in my injured part.

Monday to Thursday, I feel good now: I don't go home and I'm vulnerable, but I can enjoy my evening. The pain of Friday is built on it, so I still take Saturdays very gently. But now I'm back on my Sunday. On the third weekend, I went to my local supermarket and successfully walked all the way. Before, I had planned my life, because I couldn't do it at all: my walking distance was so precious that I would not waste anybody's supermarket!

Psychologically, it's helpful to feel that there's something I can do to manage and control my condition. It's incredible depression. There's a chronic disease. It feels like there's nothing to do. My health partner, the British cabin, is now a regular part of my daily routine: I use it every other day without failing, because that's what I can do, and I give me back some of my quality of life.

It helps a healthy partner's far-infrared sauna to have a convincing visual appeal. The design is obviously a secondary result, but the attention to detail is first-rate. It looks good, it smells good and the bench is good to sit on. This button is a great push. You can adjust the lighting environment up and down, which is incredibly comfortable and relaxing.

It can also help. I think it's good to use only 30 minutes of regular meetings. For routine treatment, it must be integrated into your life. Thirty minutes can't be managed without too much commitment. Although I sweat, it's not so much. I think I have a bath afterwards. The perfect amount of'me'time in 30 minutes!


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