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Things to pay attention to when taking a sauna
- Nov 27, 2018 -

1. Patients with a history of hypertension and heart disease.Because sauna causes the fluctuation of blood pressure very wide range, increase cardiac load, easy to cause hypertension, heart attack, appear accident endangers a life even.

2. After meals, especially within half an hour after a full meal.Wash sauna immediately after the meal, skin blood-vessel dilate, blood flows back to the skin in great quantities, affected the blood supply of digestive organs, be bound to affect the digestion and absorption of food, adverse to health.

3. When overworked or hungry.Fatigue and hunger, the human body muscle tension is poor, the tolerance to cold and heat stimulation are reduced, easy to cause collapse.

4. Women had better avoid taking sauna during menstruation.The body resistance of period woman is reduced, when washing sauna, cold and hot and alternant for many times, easy cause cold and bacterial infection and endanger female body health.

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