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​ The usage precautions of sauna room
- Jan 14, 2019 -

1.after a meal, drinking alcohol should not be steamed immediately ; high blood pressure, heart disease, menstrual women are prohibited; 

 2. start a brief warm water shower, wash off the body's grease and dirt; 

 3. each time dry steaming should not be more than 40 minutes ,which is appropriate for us, it can also be adjusted according to the individual's own tolerance; 

 4. 4 hours after dry steaming should not be showered, dry and steamed with a towel to dry the body, and we can not smoke within 2 hours and hould not eat too cold food; 

 5. If you feel dizzy and uncomfortable after using the dry steam room, you should immediately stop using it, or take a proper rest and then dry it; 

 6. Before dry steaming, please remove makeup first. Do not frequently go in and out during the steaming process. Drink plenty of warm water. During the 10-24 hours after the experience, the cells are in the process of re-repairing and strengthening. Do not drink cold water or directly contact with cold water. Shower, dry your body with a towel; 

 7. the first 15 minutes should be in the right amount of activities, adjust the breathing and repeatedly take a deep breath, after half an hour, you can lie flat or sit, the experience should maintain a good state of mind,let the mind and body relax. 

 8. after dry steaming, pay attention to bowel movements and do not squat. The body should be dry naturally . It takes at least 20 minutes to relax and calm down, then wear clothes, go to sleep at any time, and have a refreshing sleep.

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