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The sauna Room
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The family sauna room includes the dry steam room and the wet steam room, but people usually say the sauna room usually refers to the dry steam room, but the steam room is the wet steam room.

Dry Steaming: Is the use of electric heating equipment (carbon crystal heating plate, ceramic heaters, etc.) electricity can be directly heated to release heat to the sauna room temperature rise, and let people sweat. The dry steaming temperature is higher than that of wet steaming and can reach about 100 ℃. Dry steaming because it does not contain moisture, especially for patients with rheumatism, and without the taste of steam, steaming up the nose will be more comfortable, breathing up is not oppressed.

However, after steaming the skin will be more dry, so dry before steaming and dry steaming process to drink more water.

Wet steaming: is to use a steam pot to boil the water to produce steam, and then through the pipeline, the resulting steam has plenty of moisture. Temperature is generally controlled at about 50 ℃. Ladies often choose to wet steam, because after steaming, the skin will be compared to the previous ruddy, juicy, but breathing will have oppressed feeling and so on. Wet steaming also makes the body sweat, so the wet steam before and wet steaming process also need to add more moisture.

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