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The principle of Far Infrared sauna Room
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Launch source.

Far Infrared sauna room uses far infrared emission source divides into three kinds: tourmaline, far infrared ceramic tube, far infrared heating plate. (1), tourmaline: Commonly known as "Tourmaline stone", tourmaline needs to reach a certain degree of temperature to emit a small amount of far infrared, which itself can not be directly conductive, to receive heat from the conductive heating film, thereby emitting far-infrared, wavelength can not be controlled, it is easy to have harmful radiation to the human body, the highest energy consumption.

Now natural tourmaline is very few, the market sells tourmaline, mostly artificial synthesis, low cost, the quality is self-evident.

(2), far-infrared ceramic tube: With high efficiency, high strength, with safety and long service life characteristics, pure ceramic tube emitted by far-infrared biological spectrum is very close to the body's own wavelength, more easily absorbed. (3), Far infrared heating plate: Far infrared emission wavelength is accurate, the far-infrared wavelength emitted by 6-14 microns, matching human physiological rhythm, low energy consumption, surface temperature control accuracy.

But the manufacturing process is complex, the core technology is difficult to grasp, the material cost is high and the price is high.

Wooden carrier.

The main wood for manufacturing sauna is camphor wood, white pine, Pinus sylvestris, iron fir, red cedar and so on.

(1), camphor wood, white pine, Pinus sylvestris: wood density in general, producing more, easy to obtain, low prices, but easy to corrode, easy to deformation, no texture. (2), Iron Fir: Also known as Hemlock, produced in Europe and the United States, high density wood, wood grain natural and fresh, good texture, corrosion resistance, not deformation.

But the processing technology is complex, the cost is high, the sauna room made of it is expensive. (3), fragrant fir: Also known as Red Cedar, produced in Europe and the United States, high density wood, wood grain elegant noble, can be issued a lasting natural woody, corrosion-resistant, non-deformation, sauna room made of it has the value of the collection. But the processing process is complex, high cost, the sauna room made of it high price.

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