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the maintenance methods of sauna room
- Jan 14, 2019 -

1. The sauna room should be pre-heated half an hour before each day's use.

2. Better temperature is between 38 and 42 and do not exceed 55 as far as possible.

3. No smoking or open fire in the sauna room.

4. Open the door to let the air circulate after the sauna is used.

5. The sauna floor is clean and timely disposal of dripping sweat;

6. The sauna room must be guided or carefully read by professionals before usage.

7. Ultraviolet light or disinfectant must be used to disinfect the sauna room once after use in public places.

8. Don't exceed 80% of the humidity in the sauna room. The sauna room can't be washed with clean water or treated with corrosive chemicals. It can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner or wet cloth. It can be cleaned thoroughly every six months. The wall and floor can be cleaned with hard brush and special cleaner for sauna. The dirt on the sauna stove can be cleaned with wet cloth. The sauna stove is at least opened once half a month. every time continue about half an hour, so as to maintain the dryness of the room.

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