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Steamed sauna can prevent colds and flu and other diseases
- Feb 14, 2019 -

When we enter the cold and flu season, it is important to take preventive measures to reduce illness. Eliminating refined carbohydrates, including sugar and other processed foods, optimizing water intake (1/2 ounces per day), maximizing daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to alkalize pH values, and ensuring optimal intake of immune supplements, including vitamin C, vitamin D3, Omega 3 fatty acids and iodine, will help improve immune function.

In the first signs of disease, the following immune promotion measures can be taken:

1. Increase the intake of vitamin C up to 1000 mg/h.

2. Increase the intake of vitamin D3 twice a day at the usual dose.

3. Avoid all refined sugar.

4. Reduce or completely avoid dairy and flour products, including biscuits and bread, which often promote mucus production.

5. Increase liquids, including water, vegetable soup, herbal tea and fresh lemonade.

6. Use foot and/or chest sole essential oils to ensure that carrier vegetable oils for dilution follow manufacturer's instructions.

7. Use traditional sauna room therapy to help the body fight infection and reduce symptoms. We offer a variety of sauna therapies specifically targeting different strains of influenza and viral pathogens through our bodies.

8. Warm feet or whole body bath can stimulate the immune response, thus helping the body resist infection.

9. Follow the "sinus purification instructions" to reduce inflammation and clean sinuses is a powerful tool to prevent major sinus infections.

10. Adequate rest and stress relief are the most urgent and optimal immune functions. Pressure greatly promotes acidic pH value, which provides a favorable environment for the flourishing development of microorganisms.


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