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Six Simple Sauna Steps for a Healthier Lifestyle
- Feb 14, 2019 -

The new year's dietary thinking and punishment of the fitness regime can be arduous. No matter how good our intentions are, we all know how difficult it is to stick to these commitments. The best way to treat your body well is to change it step by step at a steady and manageable pace of integration.

1. nutrition

Simple and effective changes in your lifestyle will benefit a lot, so by making sure you drink six to eight glasses of water, cut down on alcohol, sugar and processed foods every day, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, the goal is to start sleeping overnight in eight hours.

2. Sweat

In addition to this daily conversation in my far-infrared sauna room, it helps the body detoxify and expels toxins from the body by stimulating fat cells to release toxins, promoting blood circulation, and carrying toxins to the liver to sweat.

Infrared saunas ensure that you perspire more than two-thirds of the time than the ordinary sauna room infrared rays penetrate the skin at a deeper level, and at lower temperatures (45-65 degrees Celsius) it means that you can stay longer and sweat more. When you sweat, the calories you consume and a 20 minute meeting are equivalent to 15-20 minutes of exercise - very much not to be more enjoyable for a run!

3. Improve your immune system

In addition to all this, you can also simulate fever by periodically raising its internal temperature, causing the immune system to become more alert against winter bugs and boosting your immune system.

4. Stress relief

Stress is toxic to the body and our sauna volunteer assistant's relaxing calm environment, and can create miracles to relieve stress. In addition, our high-tech LED phototherapy offers seven color options to suit the mood. Plus the integrated sound system on your favorite music, you will start the new year in a relaxed, energetic state. You will not only feel better or you will look better, but also improve your complexion by removing dead skin cells as infrared penetration, penetrating younger skin and creating a lovely light.

5. Pamper yourself

Turn it into a care and nourishment for dry hair by treating your hair with oil or conditioning, covering it with plastic and rinsing it out with clean water, and washing it as glossy and healthy as usual.

6. sleep

With eight hours of sleep in mind, we all know that sleep plays an important role in being forward-looking and feeling good, and that pre-sleep conversations give you a more peaceful and deep sleep that gives your body time to concentrate on healing and replenishing itself.


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