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how to choose and purchase household sauna house
- Jan 18, 2019 -

On the market, various sauna boxes, sauna cabinets and fumigation boxes have different prices and different qualities. So be careful when buying.

1. Pay attention to size and size. There are two kinds of sauna rooms. One can move freely to any position and the other can be fixed. If you choose a sauna room that needs fixed installation, you must consider the size and height of your own bathroom. If the bathroom area is small, it is better to buy a single sauna room, the smallest sauna room only needs 4-5 square meters of toilet. A double sauna room needs a toilet of about 10 square meters.

2. Manufacturers and brands, the choice of regular manufacturers, formal network malls, etc., only formal, after-sales service will be improved, will not buy a sauna room, after several years, parts problems can not find the original seller.

3. Choose the best heat source manufacturers, there are many kinds of heat sources, but far-infrared sauna room, the most advanced heat source is carbon fiber heating principle.

4. Choose the best leakage temperature control protection, double protection, such as sauna floor water (non-ordinary sweating), can automatically jump protection and other functions.

5. Choose the best quality wood, there are many kinds of wood, mainly Canadian imports of hemlock and cedar, but there are many basic classifications, good or bad quality, naked eye can be compared, in addition, there are domestic manufacturers of Chinese fir, to the second best.

6. Other materials should be environmentally friendly, especially paint and glue.

7. Attention to details; a good sauna room, as small as a button, the comfort, flexibility and life span of the button, should be equipped with superior panels, widgets reflect a fine craftsmanship, to create fine details.

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