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Far-infrared sauna therapy has many health benefits
- Feb 14, 2019 -

Heating your body to the right temperature for enough time can help you stay healthy. The purpose of sauna therapy is to provide heaters. Traditional steam saunas use heated rock and water to pour into these rocks to produce steam. The sauna takes about an hour to heat up, then another 20 minutes to heat the body. It's heated to 180 - 190 degrees Fahrenheit, which may be uncomfortable.

Far infrared sauna is superior to traditional steam sauna because it produces a temperature high enough to produce sweat. In addition, you are more comfortable, the temperature is 100 - 130 degrees Fahrenheit, rather less than steam sauna. In addition, the sauna only needs 15-20 minutes to heat up, compared with the steam sauna can be installed in very small space.

This sauna uses ceramic far-infrared components to emit far-infrared rays, which belong to the spectrum and are invisible to human eyes. They penetrate into the skin, enter the blood circulation and reach the body to detoxify. They are more effective than water vapor. The sun also contains far-infrared rays, but they are not enough to present any benefits to the body.

Infrared sauna produces instantaneous heat and is cost-effective. It is easy to install and does not require additional pipeline water supply. It is available in wood and ceramics. The varieties are as follows:

Infrared lamp

Far Infrared Ball Machine

Far infrared pad

Portable far infrared sauna room

Handheld Infrared LED Therapeutic Instrument

These water heaters require minimal maintenance and are safer than steam saunas.

Far infrared therapy has many health benefits that can be listed as follows: saunas penetrate deep skin and dilate blood vessels to clear away heat and detoxify them. This therapy can be used before taking a whole body massage to better relax. Sauna helps increase blood circulation, which helps in the treatment of acne. It also helps to lose weight by increasing the metabolism of endocrine glands. Energy levels rise in the human body, due to infrared therapy, because it increases blood circulation in the body, which further increases the heart rate. It helps maintain cardiovascular health.

Infrared therapy has been shown to be beneficial for people who have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, high cholesterol, chronic infection and anxiety. It helps build a strong immune system by increasing production of T-cells, white blood cells, and white blood cells. Thermal tolerance of viruses and carcinogenic cells is poor. This therapy helps reduce infection and, to some extent, even fight cancer. Therefore, the far infrared sauna is a good choice for relaxation and revitalization.


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