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Far Infrared Sauna Therapy and Autism
- Feb 14, 2019 -

Parents of autistic children are always looking for the latest medical treatment. In short, they can help their children become a cure for connecting with the outside world. Unfortunately, modern medicine has yet to find many treatments. There is no medicine or surgery that can properly treat autism, but there is a less traditional treatment that can help autism.

Most people are unaware of the sauna room as a medical condition for treatment, but studies have shown that autistic children respond positively to far-infrared sauna therapy. This treatment includes the use of a sauna room for warming up the body. Many reactions in the body are stimulated by this treatment, one of which is the removal of heavy metals through sweating. The sauna raises the body's internal temperature and causes sweating, which eliminates toxins. But it is believed that many autistic children have high levels of metals and mercury in their blood.

Another way that this far-infrared sauna therapy benefits autistic children is by triggering a fever response, which is beneficial in fighting diseases known as very clean. Parents of autistic children often point out that their children show better cognitive function and maintain eye contact after having a low fever. Far-infrared sauna therapy can also improve the function of the immune system and smooth blood flow. Parents who have children with autism should consider far-infrared sauna therapy as a treatment option.


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