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far infrared sauna room
- Dec 06, 2018 -

1 Principle

Launch source.

The far-infrared radiation source used in far-infrared sauna room is divided into three kinds: tourmaline, far-infrared ceramic tube and far-infrared heating plate.

(1) tourmaline

Tourmaline, commonly known as Tomalinite, needs a certain degree of temperature to emit a small amount of far-infrared radiation. It can not conduct electricity directly. It needs to receive heat indirectly from the conductive heat film to emit far-infrared radiation. The wavelength can not be controlled. It is easy to have harmful radiation to the human body, which consumes the highest energy. Nowadays, natural tourmaline is very few. The tourmaline sold in the market is mostly synthetic with low cost and self-evident quality.

(2) Far Infrared Ceramic Tube

With the characteristics of high efficiency, high strength, safety and long service life, the far infrared spectrum emitted by pure ceramic tubes is very close to the wavelength of human body, and is easier to be absorbed.

(3) Far infrared heating plate

Far-infrared emission wavelength is accurate, the far-infrared emission wavelength is 6-14 microns, in line with human physiological rhythm, low energy consumption, accurate surface temperature control. However, the manufacturing process is complex, the core technology is difficult to master, the material cost is high and the price is high.

2 use matters

Far-infrared sauna room can cause a series of systemic physiological changes. High temperature and humidity make the heart beat faster and blood pressure rise to a certain extent, while cold water immersion can slow down the heartbeat and decrease blood pressure.

Therefore, indoor temperature, humidity and bath time, including the number of heat and cold exchanges, must be strictly controlled. When first bathing, the high temperature vapor room can only stay for 5 minutes, and then gradually extend the stay time in the high humidity vapor room.

Because sauna bath has certain influence on human body.

Therefore, far-infrared sauna room should not be used under the following circumstances.

1. Patients with a history of hypertension and heart disease in the past. Because steaming far-infrared sauna causes a wide range of fluctuations in blood pressure and increases the heart load, it is easy to cause hypertension, heart attack, accidents and even life-threatening.

2. After meals, especially within half an hour after a full meal. Immediately after meals, the far-infrared sauna washed, skin vasodilation, blood flow back to the skin, affecting the blood supply of digestive organs, is bound to affect the digestive absorption of food, adverse to health.

3. When overworked or hungry. When tired and hungry, the human muscle tension is poor, the endurance to cold and heat stimulation is reduced, and it is easy to cause collapse.

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