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Far infrared health function
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Far infrared is very easy to be absorbed by water molecules, so, when the far infrared ray irradiation of the human body, and the human body will occur absorption, penetration, reflection process, this process scientists call "biological resonance".That is to say, 6-14 micron far infrared ray, when its frequency and the body of water molecules between the cell body molecules, atoms in a coincide with basic movement frequency, energy is absorbed by organisms to make the deep parts of the subcutaneous tissue temperature, the temperature effect, make the cell and molecular activation, in high energy condition, the synthesis of the enzymes needed to accelerate the human body, at the same time activated protein biological macromolecules, such as to enhance the body's immune function, repair damaged cells, strengthen the body's biological tissue regeneration ability, promote the body microcirculation, accelerate nutrient supply nuclear enzyme, promote healthy body,Make harmful substances and fats are released out of the body.Far infrared ray gives body vigor while, still can eliminate toxin inside body and rubbish.

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