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Doctors recommend frequent use of far-infrared saunas to reduce the risk of stroke
- Feb 14, 2019 -

According to the American Heart Association (2005), clinical trials have shown that maintaining healthy blood pressure can significantly increase by 35%, reduce the risk of stroke by more than 50%, heart attack by 25% and heart failure. However, these statistics are the tip of the iceberg. Maintaining blood pressure within a normal range reduces the workload of your heart and blood vessels. As blood pressure readings rise, the risk of cardiovascular events becomes "continuous, consistent, independent of other risk factors" (American Heart Association 2005). What can we do to enrich ourselves in our efforts to maintain healthy blood pressure and heart health?

Take a more vigilant lifestyle, including daily exercise and a balanced diet. In addition, the far infrared sauna room takes incredible benefits. Far-infrared sauna room makes a person who has pre-treatment unable to exert himself or not according to exercise or training, in order to achieve a cardiovascular exercise effect. A report published on August 7, 1981 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is now a daily knowledge for most people: many people do what they need in their cardiovascular system, as well as to strengthen their muscles. What is unknown is that it has also been reported that "frequent use of saunas can give similar pressures to the cardiovascular system, and regular use may be an effective means of cardiovascular regulation and regular calorie burning exercise." The body's hypothalamus-induced means of increasing both the volume and speed of the heart respond to the result of this deep heating. This positive cardiac pressure leads to the required cardiovascular function training and regulation.

Because of the validity of this form of cardiovascular regulation, extensive research by NASA in the early 1980s led to the fact that infrared stimulation of cardiovascular function would maintain cardiovascular regulation as the best way for American astronauts to sustain long-term space flight. Blood flow reports during systemic hyperthermia increased from a normal 5-7 pint per minute to up to 13 pints per minute.

In addition, an interesting study of infrared sauna using hamsters was conducted. Following infrared sauna treatment, chemical analysis showed that a large amount of so-called nitric oxide was synthesized in aortic endothelial cells (lining cells), as well as coronary artery, carotid artery and femoral artery. This information is significant because the improvement of nitric oxide synthesis level is extremely beneficial. Nitric oxide dilates coronary artery and effectively improves cardiac function. It's huge news in itself, but it's actually getting better! A more thorough analysis showed that aortic endothelial cells synthesized by nitric oxide had a 40-fold increase only a week later. After four weeks of sauna use, the growth tended to be flat, but stabilized at 50%.

It is very possible to use hamster sauna as a result of improved vasodilation in men and cardiovascular risk factors leading to higher levels of nitric oxide synthesis. Although the study did not measure it completely, far-infrared sauna therapy is likely to lower blood pressure. The theory is intellectual voice, because its mechanism is the same in congestive heart failure, nitric oxide presses to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure. If the above study is any table, it should not be long to determine the significant benefits as to the results of evaporation in these two hamsters and humans in just two to four weeks.

Let's look at congestive heart failure, a dead-end disease that kills more people every year than cancer. The diagnosis of congestive heart failure (CHF) in which the average person lives only once every five years is made. In addition, people usually take prescription drugs for at least 600 yuan a month, not to mention frequent visits to doctors, X-rays, blood tests and hospitalization. In contrast to this bleak picture, let's look at the Mayo Clinic in which many other limitations, such as pulmonary wedge pressure, shortness of breath, cessation of capacity medication and congestive heart failure, have been enhanced, using far-infrared sauna therapy. In other words, what far infrared can achieve without taking medicine and surgery is a kind of disease that no one should have and there is no answer to the medical community. In addition, it is pointed out that excessive salt is carried out through sweat, which is generally considered beneficial in mild hypertension cases.

In an earlier study known as the Japanese study, we told you that using infrared saunas for 15 minutes, two weeks after the next day, was an assessment of at least one risk factor for heart disease in about 25 people. They also rest in bed, cover the quilt for 30 minutes, and get their arterial lining measures through ultrasound thickness. In the American Journal of Cardiology, the study reported a 40% reduction in the intima of blood vessels. A broader vascular support lowers blood pressure. In addition, thinner blood vessel walls are associated with a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. In fact, when patients have increased carotid artery performance with intima-media thickness, many doctors recommend frequent use of far-infrared saunas to reduce the risk of stroke. Remember, not just any sauna. Far-infrared saunas offer all the benefits that traditional saunas don't do and bring at much lower temperatures. High calorie levels are said to be undesirable and poorly tolerated in patients with heart failure, which may be the cause of early death in reality.


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