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Detoxification Effect of New Far Infrared Sauna Room
- Feb 14, 2019 -

We just added a far-infrared sauna room, although I am a relative novice to the infrared sauna, I am glad to see that the far-infrared sauna room is close to moderate exercise in its impact on the body, than it is a traditional sauna room, the reason is that heat penetrates deep into muscles and other tissues of the body. This warm, permeable tissue increases heart rate and circulation, and promotes sweat out of the body. In contrast to the traditional sauna, the first warm skin and slowly penetrate the muscle, the traditional sauna does not have far-infrared sauna room detoxification effect, because the heat is relatively superficial.

Because of these basic differences, there are some significant health benefits for infrared saunas.

It burns calories if you are exercising more than 400 calories for 30 minutes.

It detoxifies and nourishes the face better than traditional saunas; as circulation is affected at a deeper level, significantly more toxins are exuded from the body.

It increases cardiovascular strength and lowers blood pressure.

It relieves muscle and joint pain.

It can improve skin tension and elasticity.

I was impressed by the effect of the far infrared sauna on muscle pain. After trying to come out on my own, I could feel the heat penetrating my back and going out of the sauna for as long as an hour. The best result, though, was that it lowered the overall tension and pain in my back after only two sessions, which also made me sleep deeper. I don't know if it's sleep or whether it affects detoxification and blood circulation, but I also feel more energetic because I started talking in the sauna. I really encourage you to give it a try, especially if you have back, neck or joint pain.


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