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Cautions for sauna room
- Dec 10, 2018 -

Ladies need attention.

1. After eating, you can't use the sauna room after drinking, because at this time human blood is accelerating exercise, steaming sauna easily increases the burden of the heart.

2. The sauna room can not be used for more than 40 minutes each time. It can be adjusted for different human conditions.

3. Shower is not recommended within 1 hour after steaming sauna room. Sweat should be wiped out. Smoking or eating cold food should not be done immediately.

4. If you encounter any other discomfort, stop using it or resume using it after rest.

5. Before steaming the sauna room, we need to drink more warm water to keep the body having enough water to sweat.

6. Before the sauna room, you can do a little warm-up exercise to keep your mood happy.

7. To enter the sauna room, you need to defecate and expel excess substances from the body.

Men need attention.

1. Members with hypertension, heart disease and hypertension should not steam sauna.

2. Sauna should not be steamed after drinking. After drinking a lot of alcohol, the dominant function of the human brain nervous system will decline. At this time, if the sauna is steamed, under the effect of alcohol, excessive sweat will make the human body lose water quickly and cause syncope.

3. Don't take a sauna bath when you are overtired. Don't sleep in the sauna room. People's muscle tension is poor when they are tired, their tolerance to cold and hot stimulation is reduced, and they are prone to collapse when they take saunas.

4. Sauna should not be steamed on an empty stomach to avoid collapse. Just after excessive or intense brain exercise, sauna should not be steamed, which can cause cerebral anemia or shock.

5. Steamed sauna is not suitable for half an hour after a full meal, because the high temperature makes the skin Vasodilate and blood flow back, which affects the blood supply of digestive organs and hinders the digestive absorption of food.

Patterns with national characteristics are not only popular in the fashion industry, but also show off in household jewelry.

Generally speaking, plain bath towels do not use dyes in the production process as much as possible, even if the use of dyes should also be environmentally friendly dyes, without any additives.


The thicker the towel is, the better. The heavier the towel is, the slower it dries. It is not easy to carry and change frequently. Therefore, the weight of bath towel per square meter is also the key word to measure its quality.

Thick and light, it is the characteristic of the excellent bath towel, which can ensure the fluffy and comfortable feel of the bath towel.

A thick but not heavy, durable bath towel weighs about 500 grams per square meter, and a standard size bath towel weighs about 450 grams.

Generally, the towel that meets this standard is light in weight, fast in drying and suitable for carrying out.


Because bath towels are daily necessities that directly touch the human body, chemical processes such as bleaching, dyeing and softening are required in the production process.

Soft handle, strong water absorption, strong and durable bath towel is the top grade.

Excellent bath towels are always superior to others in details, such as neat and graceful edge wrapping, hiding treatment at the joint beside the sign, which is more durable.

raw material

Because of the frequent need for high temperature disinfection and washing, good bath towels are usually made of first-class combed fine cotton or long-staple cotton. In recent years, more high-grade and environmentally friendly bamboo fiber fabrics have emerged.

There are two kinds of sauna: dry steaming and wet steaming.

It is mainly through the contact of steam and skin, expanding pore, discharging toxins and pore secretions, thereby promoting blood circulation and metabolism, to achieve the purpose of fitness and beauty, is a passive exercise.

Although sweat steaming technology has not been used for a long time in our country, it has been widely welcomed. With the continuous innovation of technology and market segmentation, household sauna room has been introduced.

Applicable to families, but also to beauty parlors, SPA clubs, bathing centers and other professional places.

I. classification

According to whether water sauna room is used for dividing it into... uuuuuuuuuuu

Dry sauna and wet sauna.

According to the heating principle, different saunas are divided into

Steam sauna, far infrared sauna, tourmaline sweat steaming, etc.

Two, advantages

1. small volume

Convenient transportation, simple installation, no space.

2. temperature

Time can be adjusted at will.

3. no pollution

Maintenance is simple.

4. Energy consumption is lower than traditional sauna

High efficiency and uniform heating.

5. circuit integration

Safety system design of ventilation holes and rooms.

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